Copyright and How it Works With “The Greatness of Halloween”

Activy 1: Copyright is a right given to people who made a piece of writing or a piece of music and don’t want people using it without giving them credit. If you are using a copyrighted piece of information and call it your own it is called plagiarism and the creator is legally allowed to file a lawsuit against you. So how do you avoid plagiarism. It simple if you using a piece of writing than make sure to not use 2 words in a row from the original paper. If you are wanting to copy a piece of music then just put it into the document and include the owner´s name.


Activity 2:                            The Greatness of Halloween

Its October 31 and children are glad

for what goes on now is the spook of the year

People put on costumes and enjoy there night

With hopes to get tons of candy

Happy children with buckets full

Will go back home with friends and family

And enjoying their holiday the eat candy

Then they go to sleep grins on their faces

The Great PumpkinCreative Commons License SurFeRGiRL30 via Compfight


  1. Your blog was good.It helped me understand how to give credit to the previous publisher.

  2. I am glad it helped you! =D

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